Pai Gow Poker Review

Game Details

  • Provider: RealTime Gaming (RTG)
  • Type: pai gow poker
  • Decks: standard 52-card deck
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Min Bet: $2
  • Max Bet: $350
  • Jackpot: $1.4 million
  • Joker: one
  • RTP: 97.15%
  • Mobile: Yes

Game Description

This an American version of Chinese dominoes created in the mid-1980s by Sam Torosian, an American casino owner. The main goal of the table game player is to make two poker hands: one 2-card hand and one 5-card hand. And when the player beats the dealer, he wins the cash prize. The guiding principle is to make the best two poker hands from the 7 cards dealt. A 5% commission is charged for all the payouts when you play online and then the lowest chip is rounded down to $0.25. Also you can play various kinds of poker here:

How to Play

The Pai Gow gameplay is straightforward. At the bottom of the window, there is a ‘Help’ menu which explains the rules and the payouts according to the poker hand rankings. For this game, you’re competing against the dealer. First, you should select your bet by clicking the ‘New Game’ button. Next, select your bet size by clicking the ‘Deal’ button to receive the cards. To auto-select the cards, you should click the ‘House Way’ button. Next, click the ‘Play’ button and then the dealer’s hands will be selected.

Once you’re done, click the ‘Done’ button and your hands and that of the dealer will be revealed. If both your hands win, you’ll be paid odds of 2/1. If only one hand wins, the chips are returned. However, if the dealer wins both hands you’ll lose your stake. The player must have two poker hands to beat that of the dealer.


The layout of this online casino game is breathtaking. By clicking on the chips available, you can easily place bets like 1, 5, 10, 25, or 100.

Betting Types

While the cards are arranged according to the poker rules, the game is more interesting when a joker is added to the deck. The second highest straight is the ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Pai Gow Poker payouts are easy to remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding Full House, Pair, or Royal Flush. If the player’s hands beat the dealer’s hands, the house pays 1:1. As mentioned above, the player has to split seven cards into two separate hands. To receive a payout, you need to win both hands. However, many beginning players win a single hand which is called a push. Unfortunately, pushes do not result in payouts. Pai Gow Poker payouts are the same wherever you play the game.


If you are a gambling enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with Pai Gow Poker. This online casino game features a user-friendly interface and classic rules. What’s more, it offers the players the flexibility to play anywhere, anytime.

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